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Hockey has been played in Alice Springs since the 1950's and women were the first to take up the challenge of a sport that Australia has dominated in the world arena. The game progressed with the change of playing fields, a sand based turf came in 1988 then followed by a water based turf in 2002. The rules have changed to match the increasing pace of the physical aspect of the game. No longer is there an off side rule, the ball does not need to be stopped completely when taking a free hit and umpires are taught to play advantage. The aim is to keep the game flowing and make it interesting for spectators to watch. Hockey has enjoyed a high profile in the Olympics in particular with the success of the Women's Hockeyroos. We are very proud to have had four players play for Australia - Paige Walling, Phenya Clarke, Angela Schilling and more recently Donna- Lee Patrick. But it's not all about achieving at such a level it is about having fun and participating as part of a team. So if you haven't played for years or simply want to have a go we would love to hear from you!


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