Flicking off the season

The new hockey season kicked off as planned on 7th April 2018. The senior competition has been running along very well with reasonably good turn out for all the teams so far.
Into the third round, ASHA were advised by Alice Springs Town Council (ASTC) that the contrac- tors for the relaying of the turf have been announced. The The turf removal commenced on 3rd May 2018 and are scheduled to be completed by mid June 2018.

All ASHA clubs have been notified previously of the likelihood of this occurrence mid way through the season. The Executive Committee is in discussions with all the clubs to formulate the best way to make up for lost time.

We are looking forward to the recommencement of the season on a spanking new surface little over a month from now.

Turfing it out

You will have noticed recently that the turf at Traeger Park has been removed and has been removed.
It was originally anticipated by the contractors that onlya new turf would be laid over the existing shock pad which would be patch repaired where required. However, upon the removal of the turf Polytan determined that the entire shocked needed to be replaced because the ex- isting shock pad is very hard with age.
The turf has also been removed in entirety along with the shock pad that sits under the grass. The asphalt on top of which the turf and shocked sits has been repaired on account of tree root damage especially at the southern end. Now repaired, a new shock pad and new turf will be laid.
PolyTan has informed us that the new turf will be green and the edges will be blue. Once installed, PolyTan will fly in a FIH expert who will certify the new installation ensuring that it is up to international standards of quality.The turf is expected to be ready on 21st June as per the current programme. Follow the updates on the turf on Facebook

Anne has arranged for some of the old turf to be removed and stored. If anybody needs a bit of turf for the backyard please con- tact Anne Davey-Smith
The Traeger park hockey ground is a construction site and is a inaccessible to the public for rea- sons of safety. The ground and clubhouse will remain inaccessible for the duration of the works.

Hooking into the spirit of the ANZAC

Bruce and the Australian and New Zealand Teams line up to the strains of the respective national anthems on ANZAC Day - see photos below ..

The last game on the near 15 year old turf was marked by the traditional ANZAC Day games be- tween players representing Australia and New Zealand.

Bruce, a former Sharks player who is taking a rest from hockey this year, officiated in his military reserve uniform. Bruce led the ceremony resplendent in his diggers uniform to the tunes of the Australian and New Zealand national anthems

The game was very closely contested with New Zealand taking the game 7-6.

The ASHA committee also set up a stall to raise funds and keep the spectators and players fed with mouth watering burgers.

Anne and Lucy cooking up a storm (left) Arthur Gomes, Bruce Day & Dale Hiscox celebrate the ANZAC spirit - see photos below ...

LEVEL 1 UMPIRING & COACHING Training Course in Alice Springs

In association with Hockey NT, Level 1 coaching training sessions was organised at the Traeger Park turf on 29th April 2018.

Hockey NT flew in a trainer from Darwin who worked with 5 potential coaches from different clubs.

A similar training session is proposed for Level 1 Umpiring later this year. This will be conducted during the game sea- son to enable trainee umpires to get practical experience whilst umpiring actual games.

ASHA has agreed to cover the cost of training for both umpiring and coaching candidates provided they are able to qualify. Through the process, ASHA hopes to improve standard of hockey in Alice Springs.

Please contact Tai Gavin for further information on these sessions - taiga.77@live.comn

UMPIRING - Your chance to win a trip to Darwin to develop your umpiring skills
Hockey NT has received funding to bring a Hockey Australia Umpires Coach to Darwin to develop other umpire coaches and as part of the funding the NTG have made provision for a person from Alice Springs to come to Darwin to participate in that pro- gram.

But here is some great news for those dedicated to officiating in Alice Springs!!
Hockey NT has received funding to bring a
Hockey Australia Umpires Coach to Darwin to develop other umpire coaches for the improvement of Northern Territory Hockey.. As part of the funding, the Northern Territory Government have made provision for a person from Alice Springs to come to Dar- win to participate in the program.

The training would occur over the weekend of 16th & 17th June at the Marrara Hockey Centre, in Darwin.
It is expected that the Alice Springs Association member has a keen interest in officiat-
ing and will be involved in Alice Springs Hockey for the foreseeable future, with a willingness to mentor other umpiring officials for the local competition.

Alice Springs Hockey Association are calling for persons interested to forward a short ex- pression of interest by email to by Sunday 3rd June 2018.
Maximum 200 words
Applicants will be chosen by the Executive Committee.
The successful applicant must be available to travel to Darwin for the weekend of 16/6 to 17/6.

Accommodation and travel logistics to be arranged and fully funded for the applicant with the assistance of Hockey NT.

Caleb at the Under 18's Australian Hockey Championships - see photos below ....

Masters Games update

Bernadette Shields and Vicki Trindle attended a meeting on 29th June to discuss how things are going for the Masters Games.

• Compared with 2016, we are slightly down on registration numbers for 2018
• There are currently 52 players registered
• 12 teams have registered,
• 4 teams have verbally confirmed, but are yet to register.

Let's all get on board by registering as players, volunteers and importantly getting our teams registered.

Registrations for teams need to be done as soon as possible to enable drafting up the draw for the games.

For more information go to -

Sports Trainer Level 1 Course

As a part of the Alice Springs Masters Games a Sports Trainer Level 1 Course is on offer running from the 8th to 9th of September 2018.

This is a great opportunity to get discounted training for ASHA members which in turn will help hockey to have extra Sports Trainers all year around.

Please contact Vicki Trindle by email, if interested -

Honouring an ASHA Patron and sporting legend

The Late Mrs Maureen Trindle (nee Stokes), affectionately known as Mum or Nanna T, and a long standing patron of ASHA, was bestowed an Honour on Saturday 7th April 2018, at the Marrara Hockey Stadium in Darwin. The second hockey field was named the ‘Maureen Trindle Field' in her honour ..... alongside two other Northern Ter- ritory (NT) hockey stalwarts Lloyd Smith and Kei- th Kemp.

Mum T's involvement in hockey spanned more than 60 years from the early 1950s right up until her passing on Mother's Day in 2016 in Alice Springs. Her playing career spanned 37 years from 1953 until her retirement in 1990. This in- cluded playing against a visiting Indian In- ternational Team in 1956 at Anzac Oval, repre- senting Alice Springs against Darwin and playing in the SA Country Championships up until the 1970s. She also started Magpies Hockey team in the 1970s. She did participate in the A/S Masters

The proud Trindle family - see photos below ....

Games since its inception in 1986 until her passing in both softball and hockey.

Mum T was involved in the administrative side of the game, obtaining a SA' B' state umpiring badge in 1973, Alice Springs Hockey President for several years, Patron for more than 10 years up until her passing, mentoring and coaching of juniors and seniors. One of her success stories was to mentor Stephen Versteegh from Alice Springs to gain his National and International Um- piring Badge.

Her Honour Roll for hockey included Life Membership of Centralian Hockey Association, A/S Hockey Association and she was one of the Inaugural members of the Desert Sports Legend Hall of Fame in Alice Springs.

ASHA Executive Committee reports

Your committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month at the Traeger Park Hockey Club House. If you have any items to take up with the committee, please contact Anne Davey-Smith at least 1 week ahead of the meeting -

• The ASHA accounts are being updated and processes are currently being reviewed and streamlined for greater efficiency - thanks Lucy for all your hard work so far.

• The Treasurer has reviewed the accounts from Nov 2016 through June 2017 as per the reso- lution passed at the 18 November 2017 AGM. The Treasurer will report her findings at a soon to be held General Meeting at the Clubhouse.
• ASHA has been working closely both with the Alice Springs Town Council who are the con- tract administrators and turf contractor PolyTan
• ASHA has arranged for the replacement of one of the water cannons that has broken down immediately. The cannon has arrived in Alice and will be replaced prior to recommencement of the season.

• ASHA are also working with plumbers to upgrade the irrigation system in preparation for the new turf. The cost can be prohibitive. The committee is looking at ways to fund raise asa well as to seek community costs that could help to meet this cost. Any suggestion for ideas for either fund raising or grants are welcome

• The match committee met with representatives of all clubs to establish the rules for the competition including uniform codes

• Eftpos will ensure that we can take card payments in the future which hopefully will reduce the number of cash transactions.

• ASHA is reviewing Hockey NT's participation plan which includes its plans for Alice Springs. The participation plan forms the basis for Hockey NT's funding application to the NT Government


Tania Wilson, Development Officer Hockey NT organised a 3 day hockey Holiday Camp.

ASHA is in preparations for organising a juniors competition next year. The direct support of the clubs is critical to the success of junior hockey in Alice Springs. For this ASHA needs at least 2 volunteers from each club to work closely with ASHA and Hockey NT in managing and conducting training and competitions for the juniors.

ASHA Registration Fees 2018 Season

For those of you who have not registered still to register, please go the OneSport website - - and register as soon as possible.

ASHA Registration Fees
Registration fees $
Full Season - Adult 200.00
Half Season - Adult 160.00 for 6 games or less
Full Season - Under 18 160.00 for U18s playing in senior comp
Juniors - Junior Comp only 50.00 if juniors play in both comps the Full Season U18 fee applies
Casual match fee 30.00 per match
Family registration 20% off total fees for 2 adults & 2 children
Included in all fees are the NT Hockey fees which are:
Adults 65.00
Under 18s 25.00
All registration fees must be paid by the 6th week (19th May)

ASHA still needs volunteers....

As you know, hockey in Alice Springs is run by volunteers. ASHA is looking for volunteers to help your executive committee with a few tasks. We have received one nomination from a volunteerso far in response to our last call a few months back.

Your executive committee has identified the following tasks which will enable the association to run smoothly:
1. Senior Competition Advisory Panel

2. Official coordination - umpiring

3. Official coordination - technical

4. Canteen Coordination

5. Social activities

6. Junior Recruitment

7. Facilities and Equipment

8. Marketing Events and Media

If you are able to help with any of the tasks above in a voluntary capacity, we would like to hear from you.
Please email Yash Srivastava ( or Vicki Trindle ( identifying from the list above what you can and are happy to help with.




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